It is true that there will be a small amount of extra strain on the vehicle, however vehicles are built to high tolerances, all our remaps work within safe parameters of your vehicles components including engine and transmission. We increase power to a sensible level deemed safe. 

There are many reason as to why your vehicle wasn’t remapped from factory. One reason would be to extend warranty lifespan, during the warranty period to minimise vehicle being returned for warranty work,  vehicle manufacturers apply strict tolerances on vehicle component, resulting in minimal warranty claims. 

Some vehicles are, with different models of vehicle being released, with different price tags, manufacturers can save cost by using the same engine but increasing the power output.

A remap is never not detectable but standard diagnostic machine struggle to see a modern remaps, however more advance technicians and diagnostic machinery will be able to detect remaps. At any point you may have you remap removed subject to a call out fee.

No, a remap or any aftermarket work can not and will not automatically void a vehicle’s warranty. Most commonly used remaps are speed limiters on fleet vehicles, with no impact on warranty. 

However manufacturers have the right to investigate and possibly reject the claim if the failure has been a direct result of the tuning. This is why we work closely with expert tuners and Research & development Centres to supply a great tuning solution insured for greater peace of mind, not all tuners are as good as us.

Servicing your vehicle as frequent as possible is beneficial. Depending on what stage or remaps has been installed for high performance maps we recommend every 5000 miles with the use of superior oil, inferior oils begin to break down early.  Doing so will help increase the longevity of the engine. 

If your planning on going to a main dealer for service work and or any other work including software update and your vehicle is still under warranty, we recommend having your remap removed, this is free, subject to a call out fee. When finished we can reinstall the remap for £75 plus a call out fee.

If your vehicle is out of warranty and you do not plan on going to a main dealer do not worry.

In essence all the remaps are custom, there is no one size fits all or so called generic remap. Our remaps have been custom calibrated to your vehicle make, model, ECU, drivetrain.

No tuner will write completely custom software from scratch for every time, in most instances tuners will use a tried and tested remap developed on identical drivetrain tested on a dyno and on the road. 

The only time when your remap will be more unique will be when you vehicle has been highly modified, even at this point a base map will be used with the  modifications being taken into consideration 

Apposed to worrying about generic and custom maps, be concerned with tuners offering cheap £170 remaps using clones tools (which can cause the ECU to fail) and using cheap untested remaps. Pay close attention to their charging price, at these costs, there is little to no funds to cover insurance, equipment costs, protocols and so on.

Our base remaps have been tested on a Euro 6 MOT emission test station, so that you will not run into any problems when your vehicle goes for an emission test. 

Ah yes, this is often the final resort of a mechanic with limited tuning knowledge and a job he can not fix. We can remove the remap if so wished (at a call out fee).

No, not when using Raven Performance Remapping, some engines can be over-tuned causing immense stress to a vehicle reducing life span and reliability. 

Our tuning services work within parameters deemed safe and have been well researched and developed. 

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